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Hello lovelies!
I'm doing another giveaway on my blog:…
You could win a lovely brooch from "Young Explorer Stuff" - They make awesome nature inspired brooches, illustrations and other goodies!
Hi everyone, I'm doing a giveaway on my shoes! Find out how to enter here: Only 3 days left on my giveaway! Get entering for a chance to win a pair of customized PonyChops shoes…
There are 6 ways to enter and you could win a pair of customized mocassins, in whatever colour scheme and theme you want.
Only 3 days left so be quick!!
Hey guys, I now have Tumblr
and Twitter!/PonyChopsShop

Follow me and post me your tumblr and twitter links so I can follow back!
I've received so many new watchers and favs over night! I've tried my best to thank you all but Deviant Art now thinks i'm spamming so I can't write any more :(

So a big thank you for all the support everyone! I was amazed when I logged on to my account tonight to discover 457 feedback messages.

I'll be adding some more pics on here tomorrow :)

If you like my stuff please check out my etsy shop:… blog: and facebook page:
Happy new year everyone! My new years resolution is to work my butt off at painting shoes and Russian dolls this year, and to learn to silk screen print so I can include some tees in my shop!! What are your new years resolutions?

How did everyone celebrate? I celebrated with steak and champagne, nom.

I'd like to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments, favs and support over the past year.

I'm having a January SALE in my etsy shop… to make room for all the new goodies I will be adding in the next few weeks. So grab yourself a bargain!!

There is a ton of vintage stuff at £8, original artwork for £10 and some of my hand painted shoes are reduced to £30.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for some new items i'll be adding soon!!

Like me on facebook: and follow my blogger:
I've been a very busy girl painting recently, had a few custom shoe orders for Christmas too :)

I've been working on some more stock for the etsy shop:… so keep a look out for new items in the next couple of weeks! Just added some fantastic new Brogues.

I've also started a blog: and a facebook page:

I'm accepting custom orders for Russian Dolls or Hand Painted Shoes now too, so give me an Email at or message me on here or through my etsy shop.

I'm also considering starting a seperate deviantart page for my PonyChops work and keeping this one for my private art work and tattoo designs, what do you think?
Hey guys, I've not been around in forever, so sorry if I've not caught up with my messages or if I've missed out on any brilliant artwork!

I've been super busy, since finding a monthly life drawing session in the local area, I got asked to join another weekly one that is also local! So I've been doing as much life drawing as possible recently. I feel that most of my work recently has been awful, mainly because I'm struggling with the proportions of the human figure. I think I've spent far too long concentrating on the surreal and disproportioned freaks I like to draw. So I may not submit much art at the moment because everything I'm drawing absolutely sucks balls.

On the bright side one of the artists who attends the weekly life drawing is starting a 5 week life drawing course. I really think I NEED some tuition at the moment so I can't wait for it to start!

Other than that I've been concentrating on my etsy shop PonyChopsShop… . We sell a lot of vintage clothing so check it out if you're into that stuff :). I'm also starting to sell a little bit of my art off on there. I figured I don't really need it lying around cluttering up my room. We also have a facebook now…

Anywayy, I'm going to try and catch up on my messages now!
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post ten things abot themselves in their journal.
3. You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons in in the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tag section about "You are tagged if you read this". You must legitimately have to tag them.

1. I've ridden horses all my life, I unfortunately had to sell the most amazing horse I've ever owned recently due to ill health and lack of time. He taught me so much and I will never forget him.

2. My life pretty much revolves around animals, art and food. Anything else just gets in the way.

3. I love all kinds of music, mainly alternative (Placebo being my favourite band). But I'm a bit of a sucker for Taylor Swift, Hanson and Lady gaga also :D

4. I studied fashion design for 2 and a half years but dropped out because it wasn't the direction I wanted to follow. But I still miss knitwear class and have recently bought myself a knitting machine, so all of my family will probably get scarves for Christmas this year.

5. I run a vintage clothing shop on etsy called PonyChopsShop…. I have always loved vintage clothes and am always on the lookout for a vintage bargain.

6. My best friend is called Ginge and has bright ginger hair :D I have blue hair so our hair is complimentary colours.

7. My favourite artist is Greg Simkins I would love to half even half of his talent and skills.

8. I LOVEEE mountain dew.

9. I am the lucky owner of two gorgeous dogs. A loony standard poodle and a very clever husky x collie. They always make me smile and I hate being away from them for long.

10. Currently my favourite possession is a vintage 1950s salt and pepper shaker. It's a big mummy Kangaroo with 2 baby kangaroos in it's pouch (one salt, one pepper). I accidentally started collecting vintage salt and pepper shakers. I seem to be drawn to them.

TAGS (don't worry if you don't want to repost this, I just figured it would be nice to get to know my fellow artists more):

1. ra76
2. brokey23
3. enehsalome
4. x-ladylex-o
5. MindscapedI
6. ZottiWosh
7. nightmarestrashcan
8. Reilune
9. Shadeo
10. ayelid
Just wanted to say i've been stunned by the amount of incredibly talented people i have been lucky enough to find through deviant art.
And i'm so flattered with all of the support i've had recently. I truly have some awesome watchers on DA, love you all!!